Machine Parkour

Machine Parkour

We continue to give you the highest quality service with our machinery. Below you can see the machines we have.

4 Meters Vertical Lathe

4 metre dik torna

Height: 2200 mm

Diameter: 4150 mm

1400 mm Vertical Lathe

Diameter: 1400 mm

SN 71 Horizontal Lathe

SN 71 Yatay Torna

Sport Top: 350 mm

Length: 3000 mm

Horizontal Lathe – 2

Yatay Torna

Sport Mounted: Up to 900 mm diameter

Lenght: 2500 mm

CNC 5 Axis Borverk Chip Removal Machine

CNC 5 Eksen Borverk Talaş Kaldırma

Drilling operations up to 4000 mm in diameter

Cylinder Bending Machine

5 mm thickness and up to 2000 mm paint sheet bending machine can do.

Cylinder Bending Machine – 2

Thickness: 60 mm
Length: 3000 mm

Cylinder Bending Machine – 3

Thickness: 60 mm
Length: 3000 mm

Profile Bending Machine

With this machine, bending operations of products such as profile, angle iron, pipe, blade, rail, etc. are performed. It bends up to 168 mm in diameter and 40mm in thickness and 150mm in blades.

Profile Bending Machine – 2

It bends from 168 mm to 250 mm in diameter. It bends from 60 mm to 170 mm.

Taksan Vertical Machining CNC Machine

Machine Photos


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