Valve Manufacturing

Valve Manufacturing

Valves are the products that protect the fluids in a certain pipe, tank or region while they are closed and provide the movement of the fluid by opening at the desired time.

We produce valves of the desired types and sizes within the scope of your project with the standard dimensions and the facilities it has. Below you can examine the types of valves.

Ball Valve | Gate Valve | Butterfly Valve | Conical Valve and More …


It is a type of valve which moves with a spherical system for the control of flow and stop of the fluid. As Ankay Makina, we continue to produce large scale ball valve systems which are preferred especially for giant hydromechanical works. You can contact us immediately and discuss about machine systems manufactured by quality and professional teams.

With the ability to produce many kinds of valves and butterfly valves and production capacity for large dimensions, our company continues to offer you the best.

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